The event is taking place on Sunday, 30 June, with food collected from Naturata and Biogros.

BENU is an initiative by Goerges Kieffer, who is passionate about the circle economy. They already have a shop in Esch-sur-Alzette where you can buy handcrafted clothing and accessories, made in Luxembourg using fabric from clothing and other fabric that was no longer wanted. They don't accept off cuts from clothing manufacturers and the like, as this would encourage, or at least justify, extant and additional waste.

For their first food-related event, BENU say (on their Facebook event page):

"World premiere ! Against food waste !

BENU presents its very first public catering as a demonstration against food waste. At the Brillplatz in Esch-sur-Alzette. All UpCycling !
Currently, we are collecting food in local Naturata organic supermarkets and the organic wholesaler BioGros. Food that can not be sold because it's too crooked or too small or … On Sunday we process these unloved foods for a fantastic lunch with its fruity juices.
Our stand is mobile and stands on the Brillplatz, as an accompaniment to the yoga festival of the city of Esch. Anyone can try!
We look forward to your visit!"

Below you can see just some of the fantastic food they collected.

We also got in touch with Kieffer, who provided some further detail for RTL Today on the even itself and the food they collected

All organic, all local

We asked Kieffer to tell us where the food came from, and why it had been taken off of (or perhaps never appeared on) the supermarket shelves. He explained that they (Naturata and Biogros) had, in the past, invested considerable efforts into explaining to customers that, for instance, "a mushroom with a slightly visible brown point is not necessarily old or, above all, not eatable. But customers, having the choice, generally opt for mushrooms without brown point."

This was but one example, and he had several more: "Have a look in your preferred supermarket. You will see that all carrots respond to the same criteria: all slim, linear, comparable length. Where do go all other carrots? They are sorted out before being presented in the shop. The sorted out items go, in the present case with BioGros, to a social network (Cent Buttek and others). The very rest goes, against payment (!), to a local biogas installation."

BENU offered to pick up the remaining items and show, "together with highly qualified and creative professionals and experts", that even the finest of cuisine can still be made with these less than aesthetically perfect ingredients.

He ended his comment to us by saying, "More to come very, very soon! Sunday: first public preparation of Rescued Food to a delicious meal. Brill. 12:00-15:30. "

This editor, for one, can't wait to see what comes next - and indeed to taste some of what will be on offer tomorrow in Esch!

The event - Sunday 30 June

The first Rescued Food event will take place Sunday, 30 June, at Place de Brill in Esch-sur-Alzette, between 12pm and 3.30pm. More information on the Benu event page.