The news was announced on Ouni's Facebook page following an assembly for members. A fundraising event will be precede the opening.

The post also explains that Ouni has, in recent months, considered several different locations for a second shop before finally arriving at Dudelange.

The reason for this choice, they say, comes down to the support of the local municipality, and the dynamism of the local community - giving a special shoutout to Transitioun Diddeleng, which launched earlier this year and seeks to enable sustainable solutions.

In opening the second shop they will raise funds through membership shares specifically for the new location, which is also how they opened the first shop - with the help of the local community and active participation of members.

You can hear more about that through a podcast we published previously, and we'd definitely recommend our "What To Try At" video dedicated to Ouni as well. Both in the links below.

More detail will be given on the new shop through future informal information meetings.