A 20 metre long table for all to eat at in the middle of Rue de l'Alzette in Esch.

The second edition of the 'dining together' took place in Esch on Saturday.

Organic and locally sourced ingredients made for a nice - and free!- meal. 70 people gathered in rue de 'Alzette at 12.30. The initiative of making organic and local food available to all was well received.

Intercultural fest in Differdange

The aim of the intercultural fest in Differdange is to bring people from different cultures together. The 20th edition, organised by the commune of Differdange, takes place over the weekend.

Expect a programme of entertainment and stalls from different cultures with the goal of bringing customs and dining cultures closer to Differdange, the population of which consists of 55% foreigners.

Interkulturellt Fest zu Déifferdeng
Mënschen aus der selwechter Géigend a vun de verschiddenste Kulturen zesummebréngen - dat ass och d'Zil vum interkulturelle Fest dëse Weekend zu Déifferdeng.