While the past two evenings may not have been the most weather-appropriate for a cold drink outside, we will have plenty of warm evenings (and days) to come over the summer. Here, we've compiled five outdoor terraces for a cheeky drink.

Hopefully, we can all put our scarfs and turtle necks in storage for a few months after May's surprise cold snap. One month later than last year, it is finally terrace season in Luxembourg. Every bar and bistro in the capital with the tiniest amount of outdoor space will have squeezed some chairs outside so that customers can benefit from the sun. At the very least Luxembourg's terraces and beer gardens won't be quite as depressing as some sighted in the United Kingdom, with some pubs combining their car parks with their 'beer gardens'.

Anyway, Luxembourg has plenty of options for post-work drinks, meeting a blind date, or catching up with friends! Now, our list here is not just judged by how sunny a bar terrace can be - we've taken views, bartenders, music, and more into consideration.

1. The cultural option - Buvette

Buvette, the bar of the Rotondes in the station/Bonnevoie neighbourhood, has certainly got a lot going for it. Its courtyard is big enough to welcome a lot of customers and it is ideally located for some late-evening sunshine (often the Holy Grail of those looking for a drink outside). There are shady seats if you so desire, and the bar has a bohemian and ecological vibe to it, as well as an international atmosphere. Children are welcome too, and the bar has food options.

Pro: The bar is open throughout the month of August complementing a programme of concerts.

Con: You may spend a while waiting to order a drink.

2. The relaxed option - Pavillion

Pavillon can be found in the Merl park and re-opened last year, profiting from the easy charm of its environment. Its wooden facade fits perfectly with the surrounding area, making customers feel like they could be in the middle of the countryside, looking onto the pond. Pavillon offers burgers, salads, and ice creams, and adapts its opening hours to the park's hours. In the summer, it will close at sunset.

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Pro: The nearby playground makes this a fantastic option for parents.

Con: Service can be a bit slow.

3. The bustling option - Scott's Pub

Looking onto the Alzette river and situated in the heart of the Grund neighbourhood, Scott's is surrounded by charming architecture and lovely views. It's all old houses and delightful view of the river.

The pub has been around for more than 35 years and is especially frequented by the English-speaking communities, who yearn for a classic pub atmosphere.

Pro: The pub's food has been greatly improved over the past few years.

Con: Scott's is exceptionally popular and finding a seat may require a ninja-like skills.

4. The best view - Vinoteca

This is perhaps a slightly secret terrace, as you can't see it from the road. Vinoteca can be found on Rue Wiltheim, right by the MNHA and has a terrace offering beautiful views  of the valley towards Kirchberg. As the name implies, it is a wine bar and has a wealth of choice of different wines.

Pro: Its extensive wine menu means you'll find something for even the pickiest of connoisseurs...

Con: That same pro means that it could get rather pricey.

5. The busiest option - the Marché-aux-Herbes

Granted, this is more of an area than a specific terrace, but many of the bars along the Marché-aux-Herbes and near the Grand Ducal make the most of its pedestrianised space. Some of the popular bars dotted around the street are Urban, Go-Ten, Palais, and Llamas, which are all very popular with the international community in Luxembourg as well as people having a drink after finishing work. You'll find pints, Spritzes, and Gin and Tonics in many of the establishments here.

Side Bar, Bellamy, and Kalle Kaffi, all down the road, also make the most of their pavements and have outside areas.

Pro: There's a lot of choice here. If one bar doesn't tickle your fancy, you can move onto the next.

Con: There are a lot of people and a lot of noise, so this may not be the best place for an intimate date.

There are of course many other bars with outside areas worth mentioning, which all get a special shout out: Zanzen, the Café des Capucins, Chapelle, Paname, Rocas, Vins Fins, Bouneweger Stuff, and the bars by the MNHA, namely Dipso, the Tube, Art Scene, and Ennert de Steiler.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments!