It's new and it might just change our bread habits: the automatic baguette dispenser has arrived in Luxembourg.

It is such an obvious idea, that we regret not thinking of it ourselves: automatic baguette dispensers have been introduced in Luxembourg. This allows you to satisfy your bread needs when bakeries are closed and even petrol stations cannot save your rumbling stomach.

At this time, two machines have been installed in Esch-sur-Alzette and in Moutfort, but other communes are also showing interest, despite local bakers not appreciating the new invention.

The inventors of Bredbox, who were congratulated at the concours Lépine, have created a machine that heats the bread on demand to provide a fesh baguette around the clock.

© Domingos Oliveira

The bread is made by hand with organic Luxembourgish flour. They are then pre-baked and stocked in the cool chamber of the machine, ready to receive their final bake on demand.

We tried it

The baguettes are sold for €2. The workings of the machine are very simple: you insert your coin, wait a few moments and you get a warm baguette to wrap up.

© Domingos Oliveira

The smell of fresh bread is very inviting and the crust is crispy. The inside is a bit denser than that of a traditional French baguette, which makes it a bit heavier. But overall, the quality is superior to that of a service station baguette.