Know someone who loves fudge AND vaginas? Or are you just looking for an awful Easter gift? You've just found the perfect present.

Want to surprise a friend (or, as the website puts it, "someone who is a c*unt")? Why not send him or her a fudge vagina, either anonymously or with a loving personal message.

You can order a bunch of different flavours and even a limited edition Creme Egg flavoured version is available right on time for Easter.


The UK's LADbible spoke to the man behind the website and he explained that he started the unusual business "because you could send almost everything else on the internet, why not vaginas? Or vulvas, if we're being anatomically correct."

"Also, receiving it in the mail is just a 'what the fuck' type moment, which is hilarious," he added.

The fudgeinas are vegan and cost £11.99 (free shipping inside the UK but international shipping is possible too).

Oh and one last thing... The website also mentions that each box comes with a condom "to let your friend know what you expect them to do with it." Please just don't.