Remember Global Hyper Colour T-Shirts, the ones that let everyone know just exactly when you were at peak perspiration? Yes? Good, well this is slightly likely that.

Produced in Ville-Dommange near Reims, northeastern France, this rather flash bottle changes colour when it is at the correct temperature for pouring/serving.

The white bottle, containing 2008 Champagne, becomes covered with pink butterflies and musical notes when chilled and ready to drink.

The bottles are covered in a plastic film, which reacts to the cold thanks to a thermo-reactive varnish.
“It’s a first. We are the only ones to do it in the Champagne region,” said Nicolas le Tixerand, head of the small family firm which stretches back generations.

Far from being a pure gimmick Tixreand suggests that there is a science in it too. "It’s a marketing device. It’s also a fun way of learning when a bottle of champagne is ready to be drunk.” he told AFP.

According to the official Champagne website, the ideal temperature to serve a nice crisp bubbly is 8-10 degrees Celsius.

Over to you Bernard Massard.