A new episode of Lëtzcast presents Ouni, Luxembourg's first packaging-free grocery store, and ideas on how to reduce plastic waste.

A few weeks back we published an article which showed that Luxembourg is the second worst offender in Europe when it comes to producing plastic waste. At 52kg per person and year, Luxembourg residents produce 21kg more plastic waste than the average EU citizen annually.

The article, which you will find in the links section below, led to heated discussions among our readers on Facebook. Several of you noted that supermarkets play a significant role in this issue due to their reliance on plastic bags and other plastic packaging.

As Luxembourg's first packaging-free grocery store, Ouni seeks to reverse this trend.


© Lëtzcast, Martin Jonsson

What is Ouni?

Ouni is a grocery store located at 55 rue Glesener in the Gare area of Luxembourg city. As Fredrika, who works at Ouni, explains in the Lëtzcast interview "the name itself speaks for what it is - Ouni stands for organic unpackaged natural ingredients. But is also means 'without' in Luxembourgish."

What can I buy at Ouni?

Ouni carries a wide range of products ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, to pasta, grains and pulses, pastries, dairy, beer, wine, personal hygiene, and cleaning products. It's all sold in bulk, free of packaging.


© Lëtzcast, Martin Jonsson

No packaging? So do I have to put everything in my pockets?

Fortunately you do not! You can bring your own refillable containers - such as cloth bags, glass jars, tupperware, bottles, or hollowed-out books (your imagination really sets the limits here) - and fill them with whatever you want to buy. Fredrika explains that you weigh your empty containers first then fill them up, which ensures that you only pay for what what's inside. Ouni also sells cloth bags, and often has clean jars and the like available for anyone who forgot to bring their own.

Sounds good. How can I find out more?

Good question - you can listen to the episode, and follow the links below to find out more about Ouni. Better yet, why not pay them a visit?