Testing in an agile environment



Start: 23/11/2020


This training will introduce how testing is managed in Agile by presenting test techniques, test strategies, tools and automation. The goal is to:

  • Review the principles of the Agile approach and their impact on the organization of the tests
  • Understand the principle of Acceptance Test Driven Development and how to write a test case
  • Understand the notion of test-driven development (TDD)
  • Identify the principles of refactoring, code quality control and continuous integration
  • Automate and orchestrate functional tests


Presentations are complemented with exercises allowing reinforcement of learning and enhancing the understanding process.

1. Life Cycle and Agile Projects

a. Why are Agile methods adopted?
b. Scrum and XP reminder
c. User Stories

2. The test in Agile development

a. Differences with the traditional approach
b. Presentation of the Agile Quadrant
c. The expression of quality criteria in Agile
d. Assess quality risks and estimate test effort
e. Role and skills of a tester
f. Continuous improvement

3. Agile testing methods

a. TDD (Test Driven Development)
b. The ATDD model, executable specifications
c. BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
d. Specification by example
e. Automation of tests
f. Exploratory testing

4. Continuous integration

a. The different elements of a continuous integration platform
b. Implementation of the continuous integration platform.
c. Code qualimetry

Languages: EN, FR
Price: 1100 €
Duration: 2 day(s)
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