Try out our first-ever VIDEO QUIZ and win yourself a wine tasting session, boat rental, or fantastic trail package in the Éislek!

We'll run this quiz until 29 August, and you can enter once every 7 days. For the first week we will only have video questions, but each week we will add in another couple of questions to make it just a bit trickier.. and to justify letting you play more than once!

For now, watch the first video, answer the question, and repeat.. good luck!

Update: Bonus questions! We've added 2 bonus questions per week up until the end of the campaign, starting 2 August. These will change every 7 days, and that just happens to be how often you can enter the quiz.. so if you aren't sure you got the basics right the first time, come back in a week!

The prizes

We teamed up with some excellent partners for this quiz - Visit Moselle in partnership with Navitours, and Visit Éislek - and they were generous enough to throw in some prizes to be won! Here's what you can win, if you're able to figure out where we were...:

  • 1x Lee Trail Package which will see you exploring the rich natural beauty of the Éislek region. The package includes four overnight stays (half pension), lunch packages, luggage transport, and a hiking map, for one person.
  • 5x €75 vouchers to rent an e-boat and cruise around the Moselle.
  • 5x €50 vouchers for a delicious wine tasting for two at Péniche vintage Remich.

Background on Moselle

The Moselle River is one of the major rivers of Luxembourg. Its trajectory along the Luxembourg border runs 39 km in length to form a natural boundary with Germany. Moselle lends its name to one of the most beautiful valleys of Luxembourg, famous for its wineries, charming hotels and medieval towns. "D'Musel," as it is affectionately known by its inhabitants, is also a region of traditions, such as the cavalcade of Remich and the grape and wine festival in Grevenmacher.

Wines of the Moselle valley in Luxembourg

The valley of the Moselle in Luxembourg is famous for its steep hills and vineyards. It is the birthplace of Luxembourg wines and crémants, mostly white varieties such as Riesling, Auxerrois and Pinot Gris. The hinterland of the Moselle is home to large plantations of fruit trees for the production of fresh juices, liqueurs and schnapps. Themed hikes, such as the wine route, are fully dedicated to the discovery of this region.

Water sports on the river

Although renowned as a culinary destination, the Moselle region also attracts water sports enthusiasts and hikers. Swimming, water skiing, hiking and biking are just some of the activities that are practiced on and around the River Moselle. With the abundance of water, many small cruises are organized on the Moselle the whole year through.

Schengen Accord – a significant milestone in European history

It was in the Luxembourg Moselle region, specifically on the Moselle river in the wine village of Schengen, that the treaty which bears its name was first signed in June 1985. The Schengen Accord is one of the most important agreements in European history. The treaty provided for the removal of all border controls between 5 European countries together under the name of the Schengen Area. The European Museum in Schengen recalls the origin and impact of this agreement on the 26 states that are currently members

Background on Éislek

In preparing for our day of shooting around Éislek, we used the excellent Éislek app, where you can find information on what to see in the region, as well as events, restaurants, accommodation and more. It's available on Android and iPhone.