In the first weekend alone, the highly-anticipated blockbusters 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' have broken numerous cinema records in Luxembourg and across the world.

Internationally, the Gerwig and Nolan feature films have cashed in enormous sums since their release last weekend. In the US alone, Barbie brought in over 155 million dollars, whilst its gloomier counterpart about the father of the atomic bomb collected 80.5 million dollars.

The 'Barbenheimer'-effect can also be felt in Luxembourg, where cinemas are fully booked for the first time in years. Kinepolis shares its excitement about the success: for Barbie alone, the chain sold 12,000 tickets between 19 and 23 July, for Oppenheimer it was just under 9,000.

Cinextdoor, who run eight regional and independent cinemas in Luxembourg, also raved about the exceptional weekend. Around 1,200 people have seen one of the films since their release on 19 July, and three screenings were even completely sold out at their branch, the Kinoler.

'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' are thus the second and third best new releases of the year. 'Super Mario Brothers', however, is in first place at Cinextdoor, although chairman Pit Karmann points out that the film was released over bad weather on Whitsun weekend and therefore may have attracted more people to the cinemas.

At CineKursaal and CineWaasserhaus, which are run by Caramba, 'Oppenheimer' also came out on top with 85 sales over the weekend, ahead of 'Mission Impossible 7' with 73 and 'Barbie' with 39 tickets sold. Since 19 July, four productions of 'Oppenheimer' have been shown, compared to five for 'Barbie'.

Even though the Covid-19 effect is still clearly felt in Luxembourg cinemas, the sector has already had three gigantic hits with 'Super Mario Brothers', 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'.