Thursday's Aperinetwork event offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people be it for work or play.

Gaia Pempinello stopped by RTL Today Radio to tell Sam and Meredith why Aperinetwork will have us working for the week nights!

Gaia explained that the concept of the events was started in 2015 by a group of friends. Drawing on their Italian heritage, the group sought to bring the strong Italian after-work culture to Luxembourg in the form of an 'aperitivo.'

Almost 9 years later and the Aperinetwork events are bigger and better than anyone could have ever expected. Each month an event is held with live performances, lots of networking and even free finger food for those who arrive early enough!

Gaia spoke with Sam and Meredith about Thursday's Aperinetwork event that is taking over not one but two of Luxembourg's greatest venues. This week business expats will meet at Chou Chou and Encore, with Gaia ensuring us that you can enter in either venue and choose the ambiance that suits you best.

The target demographic for the Aperinetwork events are business expats, but when Meredith asked if there were any Aperinetwork babies, Gaia responded that it is sometimes a bit like live Tinder, joking "You never know."

Make sure to listen to the complete interview here on RTL Play or via the player below to hear more about what's in store for Thursday's event!

Aperinetwork on RTL Today Radio

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