To celebrate Tuesday's World Poetry Day, RTL Today Radio is bringing you not one, but two whole poetry themed segments during this week's schedule.

To listen or not to listen, that is the question (follow up question: is Shakespeare considered poetry?)

Tuesday March 21 is World Poetry Day and to celebrate this most literary of holidays, RTL Today Radio invites listeners to tune in for original poetry, fun facts and of course lots of poetic chatter.

The Hangover 

This Sunday on The Hangover, host Sarah Tapp will welcome award-winning poet (and RTL Today translator) Tom Weber to the studio. The pair will discuss "music as poetry," accompanied by a curated play list and discussion.

Sarah and Tom will try to answer questions like "are song lyrics poetry?" Regardless of the outcome, the duo will chat about artists who they feel are poets and even songs to sing in the shower?

Their discussion may not follow a particular poetic structure, but it is certainly worthy of a standing ovation, although you can sit down and listen to this one if you prefer.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime programme by tuning into The Hangover this Sunday 19 March from 10am to 12pm. 

The Sam Steen Show 

On Tuesday, it's World Poetry Day, and The Sam Steen Show will feature the highly-anticipated annual RTL Today Poetry Slam.

The bad boys of poetry are back, battling it out for glory and most importantly, bragging rights. RTL Today's Martin Jonsson will take on reigning champion and genuine delight Tom Weber in a battle of skill and wit.

This year's theme is "ankle socks" and each participant will come to the slam with their own original poems about the often over-looked clothing item.

When Martin was asked how he feels about his chances in the upcoming poetry slam, he responded:
"Tom is an excellent poet, but constrained by his commitment to the art. I, meanwhile, am unbridled by convention and common notions of poetic quality. I'm also Tom's boss and a sore loser, which I can only imagine makes the prospect of seriously attempting to beat me* a second year running quite unappealing."

*Mr. Jonsson maintains that the vote last year was rigged, stating "His poem didn't even rhyme."

We reached out to Tom for comment on Martin's statement, to which he simply replied, "I don't have much to say other than please refer to my published works." 

It's anyone's game and YOU can decide their fate. That's right, the winner of the 2023 RTL Today Poetry Slam will be chosen by RTL Today Radio listeners so make sure to tune into The Sam Steen Show at 9:30am on Tuesday 21 March! 

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