"We're going through our lives without actually being aware anymore of how we are handling ourselves [and] situations."

RTL Today Radio's Melissa Dalton welcomed Vanessa Defournier to The Home Stretch to speak about the importance of intentionality in our professional and personal lives.

Vanessa is a global leadership coach who has been working closely with high-level leaders around the world for more than 15 years. While her coaching has a basis in career growth, she focuses most on coaching the human-being behind the executive title, getting to know the person and what may be preventing them from showcasing certain leadership skills.

Vanessa explained to Melissa how modern life and how we work has a negative effect on both our physical and mental health. To help people reconnect with what they really need and learn to live in align with it, Vanessa holds several retreats a year, in addition to her individual coaching.

Each retreat aims to allow individuals to remove themselves from their current environment, reflect and realign through a mixture of private and collective moments. Vanessa stressed the importance of coaching for the rational and emotional sides of the brain, and how it can help improve work-life balance.

If you want to learn more about Vanessa's upcoming retreat, her coaching or even how many countries she's lived and worked in, make sure to listen to the full interview here on RTL Play or via the player below.

Vanessa Defournier on RTL Today Radio

You can also learn more about Vanessa and her coaching service Inner Latitude via her website.