This morning RTL Today Radio was delighted to host Seymur and Samir from the Azerbaijan stand at the International Bazar.

Seymur and Samir met with Sam and Meredith of The Sam Steen Show to talk about the Azerbaijan stand at the upcoming International Bazar.

The group chatted about all about the incredible things Azerbaijan will have available for this year's Bazar attendees. If their delicious wines aren't enough to drag you to their stand, you can also try some of their native foods and grappa which will surely titillate your senses.

A quick reminder; all proceeds from the Bazar go to charities around the world so every euro you spend will go to a good cause.

Curious about what Azerbaijan is bringing this year?  Want to find out some of Seymur and Samir's favorite foods and drinks?  Make sure to listen to the full interview here on RTL Play or via the player below!

Azerbaijan Stand on RTL Today Radio

Mark your calendars for 11-13 November and visit the International Bazar to enjoy food and drink from around the world.