We're looking for people to help us a bit with our growing video offer. Your experience doesn't matter so much as your eagerness to learn.

To keep it short and sweet, we need people who can help our video magician Julia with the actual shooting side of things. Some of them need to be great at it, as they will help us film and edit stuff like RTL Today Eats the World and lots of other big projects we're working on.  For that, you'll need to know how to operate proper cameras, and ideally edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.

BUT! We also need people for projects where a phone is all you need - to cover events, shoot behind the scenes stuff, help us out at music concerts... that sort of thing. So you'd also get to attend some awesome events not only for free, but while getting paid.

What you have to do is pretty simple, and there are two options.

Option 1 - short socials-ready clip - this is all you need do for the events/phone part.

  • Send us a short vertical clip from an event
  • maximum 60 seconds
  • you can enlist a friend to help if you want to do it voxpop style!

Option 2  - an activity shoot - you'll ideally do this if you want to work on our bigger projects, but option 1 can be enough if combined with a few prior projects we can look at.

  • Film an activity of your choice
  • max length 4 minutes
  • horizontal format
  • you can enlist a friend if you need on-screen talent

Once you've got it filmed and you're happy with the results, fill out the form below and attach your clip(s). If you want additional brownie points, send us a link to a portfolio or other video work you've done as well (even if it wasn't on a 'professional' or paid basis).

In return, you can win...
...one of three awesome things.

  1. An Apple Watch series 5 (and that's honestly the least awesome prize, so you may want to sit down before you read on)
  2. The opportunity to work with us (WHAT!)
  3. A tailored internship (jaw drop!)
The deadline for submissions is 17 August if you want to be in the running for the Apple Watch. We can accept submissions beyond that date as well for the freelance work, and possibly internships, though!