Let’s be honest, the internet is full of answers. Whether you’re a hypochondriac who’s favourite tab is WebMD or whether your most Googled question is “What’s open in Luxembourg on Sunday?”, we cannot deny that the internet is a fountain of knowledge. Half of the time.

The other half of the time, it is filled will false information, trolls, bots and God knows what else. We still prefer, thankfully, the answers and advice of other humans. That’s probably why the ‘Anonymous’ function on the evergrowing Ladies of Luxembourg Facebook group is so popular. Women will send the moderator a question, query or complaint and the post will be uploaded anonymously for everyone to answer.

But what if it is a question that would really benefit from an expert’s point of view? Like, “Is the water in Luxembourg causing hair loss?”, “What is the average amount of hours I should be sleeping?” or “How long does a good face lift last?”. Introducing Marina’s new podcast, “Ask The Expert”, a podcast which takes questions from the public and puts them to the specialists. Each episode will feature a different specialist who will be focusing on a wide range of topics and the public will be invited to submit their questions anonymously right here.

The first guest will be Michele Engelke, counsellor and behavioural therapist from Liberty Counselling. The chosen topic is emotional neglect and the effects of neglectful relationships. Please submit your questions using the form below, you will not be named and questions may also be submitted via social media to @theluxembourglife.

The show will run on our lovely new digital radio station - listen in on today.radio, in our RTL Today app (Android, Apple), or via RTL Play (and the app!).

Got a question for Michele? An idea for an expert or topic to cover? Let us know here!