Users can enjoy the surroundings of the game, which are designed to look like the Grand Duchy, with the help of red lion "Roudy".

Virtual Rangers, a Luxembourgish VR production studio, launched the app on Monday to celebrate the country's National Day.

The game falls into the "infinite runner" category a la Temple Run and Subway Surfers, which means that the main character has to be navigated along a never-ending trail until an obstacle is hit. The longer that moment is avoided, the more points and better power-ups. At some stage, Roudy even enters the Grand Ducal Palace in the capital.

Although the idea for the game dates back to the year 2017, it took a while to convince investors.

You can download the game from the App Store via this link. The game is also available for Android users. Furthermore, it has four available languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, and English.