"I know it’s a shitty apartment. That’s why you should give me this job so I can get a better one.”

“These poor people live in these tiny apartments like I’m looking at his, you know, background and he’s got his TV and his, you know …”, says the British-voiced-director as Gage prepares himself for an online audition.

Hollywood names are behind the actor, best known for his role on HBO’s Euphoria, and are calling for the director to be named and held-accountable.

Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane was quick to get in on the action:

When the director begins a bumbling apology, Gage adds: “I’m living in a four-by-four box, it’s fine, just give me the job and we’ll be fine.”

“I’m mortified,” the director says as another voice, off camera starts to laugh in the background.

Gage's posting was, at the time of writing, viewed over 8 million times.

That there is a horrible class divide in the film industry should come as no surprise, yet in a time when people need to come together in 'saving' art forms, this is a terrible indictment of the state of the play.