Welcome to the weekend! Why a picture of a flock of sheep, you may wonder? Well, this weekend you can spot them bouncing around Kirchberg (see below for more info). Moreover, there is much-needed live music, a dance performance, film screenings and the yearly coat day. The weekend is yours!

1. See Pascal Schumacher's 'SOL' at Philharmonie

What: Luxembourg percussionist & multi-instrumentalist
Where: Philharmonie, 1 Place de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg
When: 24 October at 8pm - tickets & info available here

'SOL' is the name of Schumacher's recent project, which is not only a musical note in the scale but also the Latin, Spanish and Portuguese name for the sun. It's an energetic and dynamic performance, both humble and powerful, as Schumacher will be appearing on stage alone for the first time, sharing the space only with his instruments and a vibrant light design. It's an intimate musical world he is presenting, one that captures and draws the audience into the compositions.

2. Check out the Luxembourg Vintage Fair

What: 3000m² shopping spree
Where: LuxExpo The Box, 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Luxembourg
Saturday, 24 October - Sunday, 25 October between 10am-7pm - tickets & info available here

This is the third edition of the Luxembourg Vintage Fair, with over 150 exhibitors from all over Europe presenting designer furniture, decoration, luxury fashion, accessories, vinyls, classic motors, retrogrames and all kinds of designer items. All you may want to find here...will be found. There's even an exclusive homage to icon Karl Lagerfeld, showcasing his special creations and world of design. Tickets are €8,50, but kids under 8 are free. 

3. Buy tickets to watch expressive krump urban dance

What: Choreography and rap
Where: Neimënster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg
When: Thursday, 29 October at 8pm - tickets & info available here

Anne-Marie Van, alias Nach, came across krump urban dance after watching Rize, David Lachapelle's cult documentary film about this form of movement and expression, born in Los Angeles in the 2000s following race riots. In her solo Cellule, the krumpeuse breaks gender codes and pushes back the limits of confinement: the frail young woman folds and unfolds until the play of lights on stage reveals her musculature, making her environment vibrate with a powerful internal tension. Nicool, a young Luxembourg rapper, will be the special guest of the evening. Two women in male-dominated environments.

4. Attend 'Sweat' during final CinEast weekend

What: Contemporary story on modern celebrities
Where: Kinopolis & Ciné Utopia
When: Various times and locations, see all info here

The second feature by Swedish-born Poland-based director Magnus von Horn recounts three days in the life of influencer, self-obsessed fitness star and motivator Sylwia Zając, avid user of social media, which has turned her into a celebrity. The viewer observes Sylwia revealing her private life and emotions as a way of living and earning money, while gravitating on the border of authenticity and fakeness. But she yearns for intimacy and closeness. When one of her followers takes a step too far, her Instagram-perfect life is put to test as a rattling stalker starts to follow her in real life, something which will eventually make her realise new truths about herself. A contemporary story on modern celebrities and body worship.

5. Discover musical gems at the Grund Club Open Mic

What: Live music during a pandemic
Where: Culture Bar, 61 Rue de Clausen, 1342 Luxembourg
When: Saturday, 24 October at 7.30pm - info here

We are all in need of some serious live music. But this is more than just a general Open Mic. The Grund Club Luxembourg is a one-of-a-kind, family-like music collective. Besides their regular showcase performances in different venues around the country (well, pre-corona times), where they bring together some of the finest singer-songwriters, composers and musicians in the scene, the Open Mic is there as a platform to invite musicians from all levels up on stage to play one or two songs.

This is the night to showcase your craft, try out an Open Mic for the first time, smash it again if you're a natural, or simply head over as an audience member and enjoy the diverse performances with a drink or meal. Tables can be reserved in advance. Participants are invited to sign up before the night through the Grund Club Open Mic facebook page.

6. Join herd of 300 sheep on their trip through Kirchberg

What: Fluff balls moving through the capital
Where: You'll spot them on Kirchberg!
When: Friday, 23 October - no precise time (camp near the sheep to keep an eye on them)

Folks, get ready for the most significant event of the year: a flock of 300 sheep will take over the green spaces of the Kirchberg Plateau. Starting from the Kuebebierg on Friday, the flock will move in the direction of the Bricherhof retention basin. In the afternoon, the sheep will continue their procession through the Grünewald residential area to reach Klosegrënnchen Park by 24 October at the latest, where they will remain until 26 October. Not quite sure why this has been added to this week's What's On agenda, but you could either 1) join the flock and confuse the shepherd when he counts 301 sheep upon arrival, 2) watch from the sidelines and take pictures, 3) Chat to them and learn Sheepburgish, or 4) Ride the sheeptrain on your back while you gaze at the sky.

7. Treat yourself to something warm on Mantelsonndeg

What: Coat Day! 
Where: Luxembourg City centre
When: Sunday, 25 October between 2pm-6pm
If you're a shopping enthusiast and feel you might need to invest in a new winter coat, then mark Sunday 25 October in your calendars. This is Mantelsonndeg, aka Coat Sunday, and is a traditional annual event where shops in Luxembourg open especially on Sunday to allow residents to buy new coats, often with shops offering special discounts.

Is there an event you think we'd enjoy and like to share with our audience? Feel free to let us know through audience@rtltoday.lu and we may consider it for next week's agenda.