The weekend is behind us and for some it can be a more trying time than the week's grind. For others the week is merely an obstacle to overcome.

RTL Today continue their series of voucher giveaways with this latest offering.

This promotion is for the times when it all just gets a bit 'too much'.

The voucher is redeemable instantly and relevant to any situation where the bearer feels that a standard response is neither merited or justified.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Government's 'kickstart tourism' promotion.

Simply print and laminate. Then, when you find yourself in a tricky bind, remove from your wallet/purse and wave (from a safe distance).

This should have the desired effect.

Please note that RTL Today (and any parent or affiliate company) are not liable in the event of any injuries suffered during the laminating process or indeed subsequent to the card being brandished.