Here are your editor's picks for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1. Russian National Opera - Homage to Maurice Ravel

What: A masterpiece amongst ballets
Where: Rockhal, 5 Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: Saturday 25 January at 6.30pm
Tickets & Info: €47/€60/€70, tickets on event website.

Composer Maurice Ravel was commissioned by Russian actress Ida Rubinstein to come up with a Spanish ballet. Always seduced by dance, Ravel opts for a bolero, a traditional Andalusian dance. This year, the Russian National Opera - Rostov State Theater - is going to present a new interpretation of this singular show right here in Luxembourg. It is truly a masterpiece ranked among the most performed ballets in the world.

2. Vintage Kilo Sale at LuxExpo

What: The ideal prep for your retro party
Where: LuxExpo The Box, 10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
When: Saturday, 25 January beteen 9am-6pm
Tickets & Info: €3 at the door, more info in Facebook event 

Germany's largest vintage kilo sale is coming to Luxembourg this weekend. The idea is sustainable and fashionable: clothing sells for €40 per kilo, with lots of brand clothing from between the 60s and 90s on offer. There is a huge variety in sizes, styles and colours, so why not pop in and see what's on offer?

3. English play: The best of men, the worst of men

What: BGT English Theatre Company
Where: Salle Robert Krieps,  28 Rue Münster
When: Friday 24 January - Sunday 26 January at 8pm
Tickets & Info: €10/€20, tickets on venue website

Charles Dickens, the celebrated English writer and social reformer, had a private life worthy of his own stories. Charles inspired and betrayed, adored and abused the women he encountered. In this new play, the women who knew and loved him tell that story. His female relatives and friends, including his wife and teenage mistress, consider whether Charles was the best of men,  or the worst of men...

Take a look at where this week's events are located in Luxembourg:

4. Fanny & Felix - The story of two musical siblings

What: A story about Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn
Where: Philharmonie, 1 Place de l'Europe
When: Saturday, 25 January at 3pm
Tickets & Info: €12/€18, info on venue website

The Alfama Quartet and actress Ariane Rousseau explore one of the most endearing siblings of the 19th century musical world: Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn. The two gradually move away from each other, in part due to the young man's career. This is a lovely tale for kids and family, friendship and music, made up of excerpts from the composer's music.

5. Discover new talent at Grund Club Open Mic

What: Top-notch artists on stage with house band
Where: The Black Stuff, 15 Val de Hamm
When: Saturday, 25 January at 9pm
Tickets & Info: free, info on Facebook Event

This is more than just a general Open Mic. The Grund Club Luxembourg is a one-of-a-kind, family-like music collective. Besides their regular showcase performances in different venues around the country, where they bring together some of the finest singer-songwriters, composers and musicians in the scene, the Open Mic is there as a platform to invite musicians from all levels up on stage to play one or two songs.

Besides showcasing their own music, musicians can pick a cover song from a long list provided by the Grund Club, which they are then able to perform live with a full-on professional session band. This is the night to showcase your craft, try out an Open Mic for the first time, smash it again if you're a natural, or simply head over as an audience member and enjoy the diverse performances with a drink or meal.

Participants are invited to sign up before the night through the Grund Club Open Mic facebook page.

6. International swimming athletes at d'Coque

What: Euromeet 2020
Where: D'Coque, 2 Rue Léon Hengen
When: Friday 24 January - Sunday 26 January  
Tickets & Info: Between €6-€18 depending on race, tickets on venue website

This weekend the swimming world will turn to Luxembourg when olympic champions, world champions and world record holders compete from 24 to 26 January at the National Aquatic Centre d'Coque. 785 athletes from 29 nations have registered for the 22nd Euro Meet, a professional swimming competition.

7. Cinémathèque Guilty Pleasure: Blade Runner

What: Special agent on a mission
Where: Cinémathèque, 17 Place du Théâtre
When: Saturday, 25 January at 9.30pm
Tickets & Info: €3,70, tickets on venue website

Rick Deckard, an ex-policeman, becomes a special agent with a mission to exterminate a group of violent androids. As he starts getting deeper into his mission, he questions his own identity...

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