Some people imagine the job of a police officer as an action-packed life, filled with high-speed police chases out of a video game. As the police of a New Zealand town can attest to, sometimes it's the opposite.

The police in the New Zealand town of Timaru were faced with a rather tricky fugitive on Wednesday, namely a 60-year-old double amputee on a mobility scooter. The police had noticed Charlie Durham hurtling down the pavement of the suburb at speeds deemed dangerous by the officers in question.

The police consequently gave chase - although at a very slow speed for the police vehicle-, cutting across traffic to try and stop Durham. The fugitive, for his part, crossed two lanes to get to the opposite footpath and continued to flee the police.

Eventually, the police stopped Durham after he swerved around them, but passers-by were thoroughly in support of the double amputee. One person yelled 'Go, old man, go!'.

Once stopped, Durham was handed two tickets with a total fine of NZ$250 - one for operating the scooter 'inconsiderately', and the other for ignoring the police officers. Durham for his part claimed the reason for his urgency was to make his dinner, as otherwise his whole evening would be 'stuffed up'. Durham also bizarrely thought the police car was an ice cream van trying to sell him an ice cream.