Watch this gang of cows break into a Grocery Store and eat all the vegetables

Apparently, Hong Kong has a feral cow problem. No seriously. According to their Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFC), there are as many as 1,100 feral cows in the region... and they're hungry.

Four cows decided the grass was definitely greener and went on the steal, grazing in the aisle of a busy Hong Kong store without a care in the world.

Rumours that one of the cows refused to come in to the store due to having an intolerance to gluten are yet to be confirmed.

A recent AFC report went as far as to say that the rowdy cud munchers are fine, if left about their business and efforts had been in “ensuring that they coexist with local residents in harmony.”

For the most part, the feral cattle are tolerated so as long as they don’t disrupt traffic, take a dump in the streets, or help themselves to fruit and vegetables in supermarkets.

Such is the normalcy of the cows' presence shoppers are bemused but go about their humdrum purchase powerherd (sic) capitalism regardless.

An owner of a neighboring china shop apparently was so terrified of this new trend in bovine behaviour that he closed early and went for a little lie down.

Now, we really should be terrified, imagine if cats did would spell the end of times.