Today, our editor Stephen Lowe talks about his favourite book of the year: The Humans

Though not as 'heavy' as some books that tackle the weighty theme of what it is to be 'human', Matt Haig's delightful novel is just the type of reading I crave when looking to unwind.

At once funny and heartbreaking The Humans is a sideways glance at the preposterous nature of  how we lead our (really very pointless) existence.

Professor Andrew Martin, our supposed hero, doesn't even make it past the basic introductions - dead it turns out. Dead as a doormat.  Martin's husk is used by an 'alien' sent to work out just how dangerous the maths problem the Prof. has been working is to the very core of the universe.

When he begins to fall in love with his 'host's' wife and son there comes a simple choice: completing his mission and returning home or finding a new home right here on Earth.

At times laugh out loud funny, at others wet-eyed poignant, Haig's largely irreverent take on life and love is a joy from start to finish.

Stephen Lowe is a writer/editor for RTL Today and DJ for Eldoradio. His taste in reading material is as varied as it is for film and music. He’s currently reading Mo O’Hara’s Zombie Goldfish series to his sons as a case point.

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