7 year old Bartek tells us about his favourite book this year and, as usual, we have our daily prizes to win from Ernster Bookstore, vouchers for the Christmas market & an iPad!

"My favourite book this year is 'World’s strangest places'.

It is about weird, rare and mysterious places in the world.  There are 40 of them described in the book.  There are also quizzes that check if you remember what you read. The book has really incredible and interesting facts. There are lots of pictures that are very nice.

The best place for me is the Boneyard in the USA because it is the biggest plane graveyard in the world.  If you are interested in world’s strangest things you can also find three more books about: creepy crawlies, predators and ocean beasts.

My name is Bartek and I am 7. I live in Luxembourg and attend St. George’s school."

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