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Yesterday, we heard from Helene Ström.  Today it's the turn of her daugher Sanna Ström.  The family have lived in Luxembourg since 2014. Sanna is currently working as a trainee, and will soon move to Sweden to study.

'Factfulness' by Hans Rosling

“When leaders like Bill Gates claim that this is one of the most important books one can read, and even chose to give it as graduation gift to students at American universities last spring, one might understand that it’s something extraordinary.

Factfulness is a global world overview based on facts, but presented in a very interesting and educational way. There is, amongst other things, a test in the beginning of the book where you can test your own knowledge of the world.

The insights from the book can help you in future choices in, for example, business decisions. It helps to understand what areas we need to prioritise and gives a comprehensive and fact-based picture of the future. You will find a lot of topics for long dinner discussions!

Rosling and his team have created something significant to help us to understand and interpret the world. If you want to understand the world around you better and get a more positive vision of the future, this book is a must.”

Note from editor: I've also read this book, and seen TED talks by Hans Rosling and his son. He has a truly wonderful way of disseminating facts, in a way that he challenges us to consider what we think we know! Well worth the read.