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Today's book choice comes from Helene Ström.

Helene and her family have been based in Luxembourg since 2014.  She is the Global Brand Director of the Assa Abloy Group. She reads books all the time and thinks they are the perfect way to learn whilst relaxing at the same time.

© Peter Ström

Healthy & Pure by HaPP Luxembourg
(Anna-Lísa Sigurjónsdóttir & Kristjana Steingrímsdóttir)

"I’m so HaPPy  that the great, fresh recipes from HaPP are now released in a book which gives so much inspiration to cook healthier food at home, as it is loaded with vegetarian and vegan recipes that are also free from refined sugar.

I changed my eating habits just over a year ago. I try to cook as much vegan food as possible at home, and I feel so much better: lighter and stronger, and it has given me more energy. It can sometimes be a challenge to find inspiration for diverse and varied meals, especially as I prefer to also stay away from sugar and white flour.

Therefore, this recipe book is fantastic and well worth reading. I’m a big fan of the salads, such as the thai salad, grilled veggie and lentil salads. I also recommend the different bread recipes, and the desserts will leave no one disappointed. My favourite has always been HaPP's chocolate cake, served as muffins in their restaurant, and now I can make it at home too!

Thus, if you want to give someone energy, strength and health as a gift – this book can be life changing. You can find excellent inspiration for the festive season. What better time to improve your health and lifestyle than the start of a fresh, new year? In addition, her plant-based recipes are a great way to reduce the environmental impact of food."