Every day you have the chance to win a book, €40 vouchers for the Christmas market and an iPad!

Tania Steffen is in charge of the 'All English Bookstore' at Ernster Librairie. She has carefully selected all of the books you can win this Advent in our Calendar Quiz. Here is Tania's favourite read from 2018:

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

"1911 in Korea: Sunja, a fifteen year old girl falls in love with the wrong man. To escape ruin, she is offered a new life in Osaka. Dedicating her life to her new family and creating a home during war, famine and cultural differences, the reader can’t help but fall in love with these people. Over the span of three generations, we get a glimpse of a life not knowing who you are, or where you really belong. What is home if no-one wants you?

Min Jin Lee took 25 years to write this story, the story of immigrants trying to start over, and how they are still treated today as second class humans in Japan.

“In Seoul, people like me get called Japanese bastards, and in Japan, I'm just another dirty Korean no matter how much money I make or how nice I am.”

It is shocking, it is moving and most importantly, it is eye-opening."

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