Done the quizzes? Want to know how your results compare to others? Keep reading.

We have published two quizzes about Luxembourg and they've proven very popular indeed. But how have you all done? For this article to be of any interest you'll probably want to try the quizzes first - you can find the first one here, and the second here. They are only 10 and 8 questions each, so it won't take you too long!

A quick breakdown

The second quiz is - surprisingly - proving slightly easier on average than the first one.





The trickiest questions..

While quiz 2 is perhaps ever so slightly easier on average, it contains the question that has stumped the most people - only 32% of you got question one right. The top-5 most difficult questions based on your answers are:

1) Quiz 2 question 1 - 32%
2) Quiz 1 question 2 - 40%
3) Quiz 1 question 9 - 44%
4) Quiz 1 question 6 - 46%
5) Quiz 1 question 8 - 48%

(Im)Perfect scores

Only a few of your managed to get perfect scores on either of the quizzes - 5.3% for the first quiz, and 9.4% for the second. By contrast, one person got all of the answers for the second quiz wrong (don't worry, we don't know who it was). Five people got 1/10 questions wrong for the first quiz, but no one failed completely.

That said, we can't be sure how many attempts it took people to get all of the answers right..