In this week's column, Christelle McKillen asks a deceptively simple question: what are all those little things that you love about the Grand Duchy?

Once again, I asked and you answered! By now we all know complaining is somewhat of a ‘national sport’ in Luxembourg. You may recall in my last column; we went hell for leather on the lil old GD on what we didn’t like about it and what could not be recreated here from our respective home countries.

It must be said, that for the Q of ‘What do you love about Luxembourg?’ the answers were slightly less forthcoming. But after some general prodding the answers began to roll in, and in the spirit of the season and general festivity I figured people might be slightly jollier about their adopted home.

So, here are the things you love about lovely Luxembourg:

“Christmas market”

“Cremant - any time, any place”

“The amount of parks/green areas. Public toilets are usually clean”

“Luxembourg is great at multilingualism, the natives speak at least three languages’

“Honestly, I could go on, I love Luxembourg. Don’t understand the moaning Myrtles’

“It’s beautiful, look around!”

“The markets and special events are amazing (Schueberfouer, Peckvillercher etc.)

“Most people are (almost) in the same boat as us, so I find expats super helpful and welcoming”

“It’s a great place to raise kids”

“IT’S SO SAFE, I don’t fear for my life on the daily”

“Public transport is great, truly (I’m from a country where it’s basically non-existent”

“Quality of life, salaries, clean & calm, stress free in the middle of Europe”


“Kid friendly, opportunities for kids to learn many languages, central location for travel”

“Girl in Luxembourg Instagram account “

“I love the fact there are so many nationalities and cultures and languages and the city at night”

“The bus service and it’s soon to be free, and how clean a city it is – and Mamacitas”


“The cute vibe of Lux, and getting to places in 20 minutes max”

“Accessibility to nature”

“English is becoming more and more common”

“I like the peace, but I need to say I don’t live there yet….”

“It’s nice if you like weekend trips in the countries nearby – Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam”

“The quiet, the peace, the safety”

“Christmas markets obvi, price of public transport, thinks more or less green’

“Multilingual, lots of holidays, movie theatres with lots of different languages”

“Cute pastel coloured houses, walking in the Petrusse valley, nature is always close”

‘Parks, being international, you don’t feel like an outsider”

“The pet friendliness, most of the shops and restaurants allow you in with your dog”

“The cleanliness and multicultural atmosphere and that you can meet the Grand Duke at the supermarket”

“Local white wine”

“I think it’s a tough time to answer this time of year with all the fog”

“Country is pretty dynamic; they can make things happen if they want”

“People are well educated”

“The fact that you can learn something everyday due to the international atmosphere”

So, there you have, a list of wonderful things you can go and enjoy about Luxembourg (if you haven’t already) – and as always let us know your favourite things in the comments!


Christelle McKillen works in communications for RTL Group and in her spare time writes about expat life, like many a millennial she considers herself a budding Instagram aficionado @girlinluxembourg