Like any relationship, I have my ups and downs with Luxembourg.

There's a high standard of living here and there are wonderful magnificent things which I cherish and equally there are little things that annoy the hell out of me – here’s my take on the 'Gripes and Goodies'.


1. Every day on my way to work when I pass over the bridge, no matter how many times when I look out at the view below I always think 'Wow' whether it’s summer or winter – the scenery never ever gets old for me, the beauty is really something else.

2. I love the richness and variety of friendship groups in Luxembourg - whether it be through work or personal relationships, there are so many nationalities and cultures represented. I love how no one really feels 'foreign' or like they don’t belong because none of us really do in a way.
3. Size matters – actually I adore how small Luxembourg is and the fact that when you have a friend visit for the weekend you can more or less show them everything and more. Depending on the day, I also like how you can bump into people on the street (this fluctuates).
4. Events – I like how when there is a 'big event' in Luxembourg, whether it’s the Schuberfouer, the ING night marathon, the Duck race, or the Christmas market, everyone you know is going. This make it feel more ‘homely’ and gives it a community aspect that is lacking in huge cities.
5. Last but not least I SIMPLY LOVE Luxembourg Airport - stress free, clean, fast and quiet. As far as airports go it’s just so pleasant … Luxembourg you are the holy grail of airports!


© Claudy Decoux/Unsplash



1. It happens all too often: I go towards the bus when it’s still stationary and hasn’t pulled off yet but the usually un-cheerful bus driver refuses to open the door. It also happens all too often that the driver sees me running towards the bus, and whilst he could just wait a millisecond longer he just pulls out anyway – I’ll just pick my dignity up off the floor – and pretend I wasn’t furiously running towards the bus to the onlooking passengers.
2. This is one that has been said a MILLION times, but for the love of God please extend the opening hours of shops! AND restaurants, could you please stop closing entirely at weekends? I know you don’t really need the money, but we need the food.
3. Yes,  we have a lot of European diversity in Luxembourg but in terms of racial diversity, sexual orientation diversity etc. it seems to be lacking – I’m still constantly surprised there isn’t a city centre 'gay bar' beyond the rather lackluster 'Bar rouge'. Whilst admittedly I am not LGBTQ, I think a happening 'gay bar' is a welcome addition to any cosmopolitan city.
4. Rooftops that aren’t rooftops – If one was rather new to Luxembourg and looked at all the event calendars on Facebook they would be bombarded with the amount of 'rooftop parties' going on in the city – but unfortunately I have yet to find one that’s actually on a roof. At best they are second floor terraces:  when I went to the 'Sky bar' recently at City Concorde I was alarmed to find it was only slightly above ground and one floor up, you could probably fall down and still be alive. Stop throwing around the word 'rooftop'– it’s fake news.
5. Food delivery – the takeaway food/delivery system in Luxembourg is so antiquated, usually it takes 60 minutes or more, the minimum price is usually unreasonably high, and when you want it the most (on a Sunday) most of them are closed anyway. I suggest a petition to demand Deliveroo…any takers?

Christelle McKillen works in communications for RTL Group and in her spare time writes about expat life, like many a millennial she considers herself a budding Instagram aficionado @girlinluxembourg