I checked the weather app on my iPhone yesterday – it told me the sun would set at 9.15 pm and lo and behold it actually did. The last time I had taken notice of the sunset hour was quite some time ago probably mid or early June when it seemed to be light out until almost 10 pm. I specifically remember because it still seemed to be bright at the time, I deemed myself ready for bed.

The dwindling days can only mean one thing - summer is coming to an end. There is always a perceptible shift in the first week of August, the narrative suddenly switches, I find myself overhearing words like 'Christmas', 'School' and 'Autumn wardrobe’' I read recently that August is comparable to a month of Sundays – just dangling on the precipice of Monday Morning, slowly mentally preparing yourself for September which is the metaphorical equivalent of Sunday night laundry & packing your lunchbox.

The summer no longer luxuriously stretches ahead of you with all its infinite possibility - what really made this hit home was when I was confronted with the Schueberfouer in its early construction phase on my way home from work – it seemed too early to flaunt this cruel reminder that we are on the wrong side of the egg timer as far as summer is concerned. Everyone knows Schubi means it’s really the end.

Alas, I don’t want to be a moaning Myrtle about it, in fact August is my birthday month and I will take my holidays soon – so you know good things are still on the horizon. Unfortunately, as someone who already thinks about the ending of the holiday on the first day of the holiday I am neurologically programmed to always be thinking- what’s next? Admittedly, a very much first world curse - my attempts to live in the present and be mindful of the 'here and now' have been to no avail. I’m an avid collector of experiences, seeking new and better things than the last – I have no doubt this perennial discontentment will result in my downfall one day, but such is life.

If from September-May, we are but mere cogs in the wheel of life, from June-September we can emerge from our cocoons as hedonistic butterflies with no shame in our search for good vibes only, because hey it’s summer!

So as you gaze down your summer 'to do' list or into the neon glint of your Aperol spritz, I hope you can gleefully tick off some if not all your bullet points. There’s something about summer, getting your limbs out, stretching, engaging with the great outdoors, bronzed skin, cold cocktails…. You get the point… which gives us a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life 'to actually do' all those things we talked about doing the rest of the year.

Fear not if your summer bucket list never made it past the imagination stage…the good thing about summer is … there’s always another one on the way.

Happy August!