Like many people, I’ve become pretty jaded with the ‘Instagram aesthetic’ which includes avocado toast, cappuccino art, sunsets and a very attractive girl standing in front of a brightly coloured wall and pretending to look away.

I myself am probably guilty of all of the #instacrimes above, but I’m consciously trying to ‘curate’ my feed and follow people who seem real – those who write something interesting, who inform, who make me laugh or simply take breathtaking pictures which stop me in my tracks. Instagram is increasingly becoming a platform to ‘inspire’ - so I wanted to share those accounts which I find to be the most authentic and inspiring in our city of Luxembourg.

Bridget Jones of Luxembourg @bridget_jones_of_luxembourg

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a rather wry sense of humour. I find this account endlessly amusing. The unknown ‘Bridget Jones’ documents her experiences with the opposite sex in Luxembourg she sums it all up in the bio “Welcome to Luxembourg where all gorgeous men are either taken, gay or have serious commitment issues. Struggle is real. Stories are 99% real, not names and places”. Follow for a satirical and painstakingly authentic look at the dating scene in Luxembourg.

Lost in Luxembourg @lostinluxembourg

For truly awe-worthy shots of the city we love so well, look no further. I’m always impressed at how she never runs out of scenes in Luxembourg, I always look forward to a new post popping up in my feed, this account exquisitely portrays the beauty of the country like no other. 

City shopping Luxembourg @cityshoppingluxembourg

Not only for their beautiful illustrations but also for the fact they remind me when the shops are open on Sundays in Luxembourg (which I am prone to forget at times). They also give regular updates on sales, promotions and events related to shopping/fashion in the city.

Dine Fine Luxembourg @Dinefine_Luxembourg

Full disclosure - I know the person behind this account BUT I would still follow nonetheless because there are no other similar totally impartial restaurant rating systems in Luxembourg. Trip Advisor has  a bank of opinions and insights but it’s more impersonal, I can assure you from having been out to dinner with the mastermind behind dine fine - the meal is discussed in detail afterwards, many photos are taken, opinions are asked for around the table before rating. One of my favourite accounts, when I’m thinking of going somewhere I always have a check of the rating here first! 

Barefoot in Luxembourg @corie.bratter  


Not just food, a bit of everything on the cultural buffet that is life. It’s one of the first accounts I followed when I moved to Lux, Corrie seems to be an Italian girl who lives life to the full in the Grand Duchy. Always with a bar, nightclub or restaurant recommendation to hand – and at least always a reminder for me that I need to get out more!

Draft of Mine @draft_of_mine

Whilst technically not Luxembourg, this instagrammer is a Russian photographer and blogger who resides in South-West Germany but she photographs much of the local area in and around Luxembourg. Her specialty is street scenes, picturesque shots and quaint cute buildings.

Julia De Bres  @juliadebres

I only discovered this wonderful account recently, a Kiwi (New Zealander) artist in Luxembourg, uses her impressive penmanship to sum up the peculiarities and quirks of Luxembourg, covering everything from the Grand Rue to Luxembourg’s crémant obsession to trying to plan a child’s birthday party when the kids don’t share a common language #onlyinLuxembourg. Her comic cartoons are a breath of fresh air in the Instagram rabbit hole.

An American in Luxembourg @anamericaninluxembourg

Already a well-known expat character in the GD, I follow for his interesting take on the Luxembourgish language, his general enthusiasm and never-ending curiosity for the country - which is a refreshing change in Luxembourg where way too many expats complain about their adopted homeland. Sure, it’s not perfect but I love to see someone making the most of their time here. I also relate on a native English level as my well documented struggle with foreign tongues continues.

And so there you have it, a list of inspiring Instagram accounts in the GD and nary an ‘influencer’ among them!

Happy Following!