In a chaotic world, having a "peace of mind" is not always a given. Here are some tools to help you deal with everyday adversity and help you get that inner calm you desperately need.

Do take a break from social media. Probably everyone of us is guilty for being glued to a screen all day long, even though we're fully aware that social media is one of the biggest inner peace disruptors. There's nothing "peaceful" about an influx of information, a vicious cycle of brainless videos, or knowing everything about everyone CONSTANTLY. Not to mention all of the research that proves how social media is actually addictive and unhealthy for extended amounts of time.

Don't stay at home constantly. And I don't mean go out, socialize, drink...I mean go out and take a walk for a change! Living in Luxembourg means there's a forest in every corner of the street, so don't be lazy and immerse yourself in nature. The romantic poets such as Wordsworth or Coleridge got it all right when they insisted on going "back to nature". Because of nature's pure and innocent character, it was regarded as a healing power that could help someone get over their troubles and re-connect with themselves.

Do creative stuff. Everyone has some ounce of creativity in themselves. It's not about skills but more about using your god-given imagination once in a while. Believe it or not, but stirring up your creative juices will have positive impact on your well-being! Whether it's writing, drawing, getting creative in the kitchen...all of the above will certainly make you feel happy and forget (if only for a brief moment) the woes of life.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't feel guilty if you're not being "productive" or if you're taking a break. People don't want to admit it to themselves but everyone needs a break once in a while. Not to mention that your work will probably be better if you're actually "motivated" and excited to do it. If you're depleted and in a bad mood, how can any good come out of that?

Do let go of control. And I am fully aware of how difficult this can actually be! Not many among us are always able to just go along with the flow of life and accept circumstances as they are. But the act of "surrendering" will make it much easier for you to stay grounded and not be destabilized by outside. Identify your triggers, recognize them and try to distance yourself from it all.

Don't overthink. Another difficult one, related to the one above. Don't overthink something that triggered you, or something that somebody said to you...Whatever it is that made you unhappy, don't engage with it anymore. The repetitious thought pattern will get you stuck and in limbo. Try to turn your focus on something else and don't suffocate your mind with things from the past.

Do be in the moment. I know this sounds cliché, but again, not many of us are actually able to do it 100%. We live in such a fast-paced environment that being in the moment is nearly impossible. We always think of the future (which often makes us anxious) or about the past (which gets us stuck in time). Have a mindful review of your day by taking everything one step at a time and dedicating yourself to that exact moment. Be aware of whatever your body tells you and how you feel throughout the day.

Don't forget to breathe properly. People often forget that breathing properly improves your mental state, your digestion, your sleep and your anxiety. You should breathe through your nose which filters "allergens and foreign bodies from entering the lungs" and "adds moisture and warmth to inhaled air". Because of our stressful lifestyles, we tend to breathe more rapidly and not as deeply as we actually should. You should practice "diaphragmatic breathing" throughout the day in order for your body to rebalance itself. Your diaphragm (main respiratory muscle) can tense up with stress, which in turns restricts you from breathing in deeply. So, remember to take in those deep breaths!