Let me introduce to you the secret to the eternal fountain of youth. The superfood that you can use in any culinary undertaking as a garnish and a nutrition supplement - microgreens.

Microgreens, as opposed to sprouts and shoots, are vegetable greens that are harvested in a very early stage of their development. They are smaller than “baby greens” and are harvested right after sprouting. They can be produced from different types of vegetables and herbs, and contain more nutritional value in their little bodies than a full meal.

In order to provide legitimate knowledge on how to consume, grow and acquire microgreens for yourself and your family, I spoke to Power Up Microgreens - a local urban family farm based in Luxembourg. Marie and Francesca are a dynamic stepmother-stepdaughter duo committed in their mission to improve people’s health and well-being by growing fresh microgreens and delivering them straight to your doorstep. If you’re interested in their story and how to order their tasty treats, you can find out more here or follow their Instagram.

But first things first, let’s wrap our heads around a few useful tips that may come in handy while ordering your first batch or trying to grow this delicious superfood all on your own.

DO add your microgreens to as many meals as possible. As their nutritional value is 4 to 40 times higher than that of fully grown vegetables, you do not have to put much on your plate. Using microgreens simply as an aesthetic garnish is enough to drastically improve your wellbeing.

DON’T harvest your microgreens too late nor too early! The whole idea behind this magical superfood is that it’s harvested after sprouting and before its full growth. This way, microgreens get much more powerful as they are in their optimal nutritional stage. It’s because the nutrients in the plant that are meant to be used for the vegetable to grow to its full size are at their highest density.

DO consider micrrogreens to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals instead of taking supplements in pills. Despite their micro size they are richer in macro minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium than regular-sized vegetables. They also have more micro minerals such as iron, zinc and copper. Add to that B vitamins and essential amino-acids and you can be sure that you and your family are getting your necessary daily dose of nutrients.

DON’T spend an insane amount of money on skin and hair products to improve your healthy glow. Microgreens are one of the top solutions to improve the healthy growth of your skin, nails and hair, and even help with weight loss. Rather than seeking immediate yet unsustainable and often ineffective solutions, invest in a healthy filling diet that will better your health from within.

Speaking of health from within, DO consume microgreens if you’re concerned about your gut and immune system! Microgreens are an amazing solution to keep your digestive system safe and sound, ensuring that all your organs get what they need to absorb nutrients from the food you consume. In today’s accelerated reality where our daily routine delivers us a lot of stress and leaves little time for cooking, it is easy to overlook our diet. But let’s not forget to prioritise eating as our principal way of energy intake and remember to treat your body with what it needs and deserves.

DON’T order your microgreens from far away. They lose their nutritional value when they are not fresh and their import costs money, time, energy and only increase carbon emissions. Luxembourg’s local farms include the forementioned Power Up Microgreens and another farm called Tiny Deli.

In case you DON’T have the money to afford buying microgreens DON’T get discouraged. You can grow microgreens yourself, especially if you want to do it on a small scale. All you need is a tray, a bit of soil and seeds. Keep in mind to buy organic seeds and don’t use any pesticides or fertilizers. All microgreens need are water and sunlight.

But DON’T over-water your tiny miracles. It’s by far the easiest way to fail at this micro-farming deal but it’s also the only way to fail at it so if you make sure to water your plants correctly you can’t really go wrong. After all, time is our most precious currency these days, as well as our biggest enemy. Wasting it only to produce mouldy and gooey superfood is not a chic look and your co-workers won’t get to know just how much of a health guru you really are.

If you DO think you’ve got what it takes to do it yourself, please DO farm your own microgreens! It’s a much more sustainable farming method than the farming of regular-sized vegetables as it needs far less water and takes around an eighth of the time it takes to grow vegetables fully. Like this you get to do the right thing AND take the easy way out. And when does that ever happen?