We all know that one person that, no matter how much time in advance you give them, will always be late, be it for lunch or keeping an important deadline. Or maybe you are that person?

But don't you worry here are some tips and tricks to manage your time better. And it's not even that difficult because I am not a huge planner, more like an overall mess, and yet, being punctual is one of my main attributes.

DO plan ahead! Use a planning tool may it be online or off the line with an old school agenda. First it will insure that you won't forget any important events and secondly you stay on top of your appointments and meetings, even if it's just a lunch with a friend.

DON'T procrastinate! Waiting last minute is definitely not going to help you get things done quicker. If anything it adds additional stress.

DO get organized! Something I like to do is color-code. To be fair my color-coding only exists of pink and yellow highlighter, and frankly none. Pink is for anything work-related like shifts, meetings and upcoming articles. Yellow for important things that are not work-related like dentist appointments and the none color for the rest. It's not a lot of effort and yet it helps me tremendously. I see pink and I know today is a work day.

DON'T overbook yourself. It's important to remember that you can say no. Learn to recognize when you have enough to do and when it would be too much to take on. Do not pressure yourself in doing things you just can't do. Better to finish one project and do great, than trying to fix multiple things at once.

DO set goals! If you have troubles with deadlines, try to set smaller goals and finish your project in smaller parts. Cross things off as you complete them and it can help you see how much you've accomplishd during a specific time.

DON'T underestimate! Meaning that you need to keep some wiggle room for the unexpected. Never forget that something else could happen and disturb your plan. I am rather 15 minutes early than late. It gives you time to relax and just in general not feel as rushed and pressured.

DO try to stay focused! Give yourself some designated time slots to work in. Limit your distractions, find someone to hold you accountable. Set personal deadlines with them.

And even if you are late for an appointment DON'T rush! This is first and foremost for the drivers here, so never rush on the roads. It's better to be safe than sorry because driving with immense time pressure can lead to fatal mistakes.

Time management is a skill we all desire to improve and these few tips might be a good start. But it all starts and ends with organizing your time in the way that's right for you.

We've already published a number of Do's and Don'ts that fit into this category: from the To-Do List, to dealing with procrastination, to staying motivated.

So go grab that agenda you've been eyeing for a while and get going!