It's time to get stuff done, don't you think? So let's take a look at how you can achieve more, with maybe even less effort.

The good ol' To-Do List, who doesn't know her? But that doesn't mean that everyone makes use of her, present company included. I am a mess and I do thrive in chaos, but I have to admit that sometimes I just forget to do (random) stuff that often come back to bite me- which means it's time to be a little bit more efficient.

I looked up some Do's and Don'ts and am more than willing to share my findings with you.

Here we go:

Number One: DO take a moment of consideration on how you want to create your lists. Do you want to be more old school and write it down? Or do you want to use an app? Apps have the advantage that they can give you notifications and reminders. On the other hand crossing the tasks on your paper lists also has quite the feel to it.

DO make your list at the start of the day and DON'T rush making it.

This is where is gets tricky, but I would suggest that you DO write down everything that comes into your mind, no matter how small the task is. Better to write it all down than to forget someting.

And this is where some people disagree: should you only write down high value tasks, meaning really important ones?

Which brings us to our next step: DO create multiple lists. There are several ways of categorizing your tasks: a daily versus a weekly lists, maybe an important versus a less important list. Or maybe a combination of both.

DO try to have a list for moments when things are slowing down. It should include small tasks that need to be done, but can wait. This way you won't forget to do the more random stuff that otherwise would probably slip your mind.

DON'T overwhelm yourself with tasks! DO make it feasible, especially when you are starting.

DO start your lists with with high value priorities or the tasks that you dread the most. After you accomplish those, the next ones don't feel as daunting and you can end your day and list on a slower note.

Remember, DON'T write down big tasks as one task, but to rather break them down. In case you need to write an essay for example, break the work down in chapters rather than the full thing.

DO celebrate that you finished a task. Get a cup of coffee, sit on the balcony for 15 minutes and eat that piece of cake. You deserve a treat.

DON'T feel like a failure if you didn't finish all the tasks at the end of the day. You did your best, and you should feel proud and accomplished by the tasks you did finish. There is always a next day and a next week.

This is also why it's important to start of with important tasks, so that those are indeed finished before the day ends!

Remember that To-Do lists do not work for everyone, and that there are many ways of organizing one's workday. This might be a good start, but in the end, whatever works for you, works for you. Some people thrive in chaos and that's okay too.

Happy organizing!