Looking for a guide to find your personal style? Don't look any further! Here are some Do's and Don'ts that will help make the first steps in this journey.

Getting dressed is a never-ending nightmare for me. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have anything to wear and I can’t find anything that sparks joy (sorry Marie Kondo) and nothing fits the way it’s supposed to be. This means I am also on a never-ending journey to find my personal style, a quest I won’t give up until I do so.

A personal style should be reflective of who you are and help you express your inner self to the outside world. It is unique to you and is actually more important than it might seem at first. We do live in a world where first impressions matter. A good outfit creates confidence and can be very helpful when meeting someone or even a job interview. But how do you find your own personal style? I took a look in my notebook and thought I could share some of the tips I’ve been applying to my own search.

First things first, DO take a look at your closet. No matter how desperate you might feel at times, there has got to be a few pieces that you absolutely love. Do you have this one sweater you always gravitate to? The one pair of jeans that make you feel good?These are the items we are looking for right now. Take them out and try building your future wardrobe around them.

When finding your personal style trends are something you DON’T want to buy. With fast fashion, trends are basically changing every two weeks when a new collection drops. It’s not sustainable but also not helping you to find out who you rare and what you like if they are changing every so often. Just avoid them.

Instead of trends, DO start out with basics. They are a great way to start your new wardrobe and even mark the beginning of a capsule wardrobe if that’s something for you. You can easily mix and match basics and start playing around with them and other statement pieces you might have lying around.

If you are in need of new pieces DON’T impulse buy but think about what you need. Same with buying into trends, impulse buying is most often not sustainable and only creates more disappointment than happiness. If you think you want or need a piece, write it down and take a moment to think about it. If after a while you are still confident about it, you can go back and get it. It’s a great way to ensure you won’t make that many mispurchases.

Not that much money to spend on a whole new wardrobe? I get that. DO try out second hand fashion. It’s good for the environment by giving clothes a second or third home, but most importantly it’s an inexpensive way to experiment around. If a piece of clothing just isn’t you, you didn’t spend a ton of money and you can re-donate it. It’s a fun way of finding out what you like.

This one is an important one for basically everyone: DON’T keep clothes that don’t fit! Doesn’t matter if you hope that you will find your way back into them or if you love them but they don’t fit your body type. There is so much stuff that actually does fit you the way it should be. Times change and so do you. There is no shame in that.

This is actually my favourite hack: DO invest in accessories and good shoes. They are such a great and easy way to spice up your outfit. Put on some earrings or a nice belt o your other casual t-shirt and jeans. This is indeed where I spend most of my money and I do love a good accessory, most often earrings in my case. It just takes your outfits to another level without much effort.

DON’T be afraid of creating some sort of uniform. If you find a formula that works for you, rely on it and start playing with it and some accessories. Find a signature piece that you love and go for it. Buy it in every colour you can possibly find. They will be great investments and pieces you know you love.

When you found a fit you like, DO put your outfits into practice. Are they comfy? Can you work in them? They don’t just have to look good, but they have to fit into your lifestyle. Clothes do not wear you, you wear them. If you found a winning outfit remember to take a picture so you can always go back to it when it’s an early morning and you are at a loss once again.

But most importantly DON’T forget that fashion and clothing are supposed to be fun. Play around and feel comfortable, because once you are comfortable and feel confident, people will notice. You are doing this for you and no one else.