I know, I know, we're not long past Halloween and Christmas is yet to be navigated. Still, you might want to start planning your NYE celebrations if you want to finish the year in style.

For some reason, this annual celebration always seems to come with a lot of pressure. People tend to get a little more excited than they do for other events, and the desire to make the evening as memorable as possible is always lurking in the back of everyone's head. So, let's go over the basics of planning a successful NYE event.

First of all, do think about who you want around on NYE. Settle on a selection of people and approach them early enough to see if they are still available. And don't forget that your family is also an option! If you think about it, you can maybe even remember more midnight countdowns with friends than with your relatives, so why not switch company for a change?

Next decision has to be the nature of your celebrations. Looking for something with a lot of booze but little fuss? Then do consider one of Luxembourg's many quality restaurants, most of which offer delicious (and maybe slightly overpriced) NYE menus.

Or even better, design your very own menu and consider it a challenge to feed a respectable number of people from the comfort of your own home. Large batches of finger food, which suit the occasion, are usually easy to prepare can be done well ahead of time, so no need to stress about frying pans. Do give it some consideration!

In case the old Grand Duchy is too boring for your taste, don't despair! After all, several big cities and European capitals are within driving distance: Frankfurt, Cologne, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Maastricht, the choice is yours. You should be able to find a decent NYE party in each of these cities, so do think about a little getaway and urban exploration to spice things up.

Of course, you can also be even more ambitious and try to balance both a family dinner on New Year’s Eve, followed by a party with your closest friends on New Year’s Day (aka the expert level).

Whichever way you go, there is one thing you certainly don't need: bangers and fireworks. Let's be honest, no matter how expensive, the at-home experience never compares to the real thing. Plus, the risk of blowing off your fingers while setting off a banger while drunk is just too high.

After all, in Luxembourg you can usually observe two magnificent fireworks per year, once at National Day and once at the end of the Schueberfouer, so why risk ruining your night with some mediocre bangs? And do think about hospitals and health care workers, who certainly want to do anything but reattach fingers on NYE.

On that note, happy planning!