It’s the time of year again where passports get stamped, tan lines make their comeback and the world seems to take the foot off the gas pedal to sit back and relax.

But before you get to the fun part of the holiday, there’s a little process called packing and, if possible, packing in a way that you won’t have to pay extra for your overweight suitcase at the airport or realise on holidays that you might’ve needed completely other things. So here’s a little roundup of do’s and don’ts when packing effectively for holidays!

DO check the weather in advance. Seems like a given, but make sure that what you pack is going to be appropriate for the weather conditions.

DON’T pack individual pieces. Who knows it? You’re looking through your wardrobe and tossing everything in the suitcase that you think you’ll need. Then, when you arrive at the spot, you realise that those individual items don’t match each other and only took up precious limited space in your suitcase. So a tip: try packing in outfits and bring staple pieces that you can interchange between outfits.

DO try on everything you want to take in advance. There’s nothing more annoying than arriving on holidays and realising that the outfits you’ve thought of in advance won’t do it because certain items don’t fit you anymore.

DO always bring one pair of long trousers and a light jumper, even when on summer holidays. I guess there’s no need to say that the weather can change between the moment you’re packing and your whole stay. And even if the weather stays nice, you can always toss on the jumper in the evening when temperatures drop a bit.

DON’T pack unnecessary toiletries and makeup. I used to pack tons of different foundations (you know, just in case I tan and my usual shade doesn’t match anymore), lip glosses and co. In the end, I’d usually end up running around makeup-free and regret having packed all of it. Who knows it? Rather than taking everything you might need, try only packing what you will need for sure. And, since masks are still a thing in most travel destinations, lip products are probably not needed at all.

DO write a list of everything you need to pack. It’s so easy to forget something once you’re in the flow and, unfortunately, one seems to always forget the little important things that are annoying to forget, like a toothbrush, socks or, if it comes really bad, the passport which you’ll remember about at the airport. So make sure your list is complete before you start packing and check everything before leaving the house.

DON’T forget to take some entertainment, aka a book with you. Even if you’re not a huge reader throughout the year, chances are that you’ll be glad that you have packed it once you’re sunbathing at the beach.

DO bring an abundance of underwear. It doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase and it’s better to be prepared for any unexpected change of plans.

DON’T pack all of your stuff in one place. If you have a little trolley, make sure to make an outfit or two in there as well, just in case, your suitcase arrives later than you (very annoying, I agree, but we all know that it happens).

DO pack a little tote bag in your trolley. Seems a bit weird but I found that it’s very practical in case you’ve got to unexpectedly check-in your trolley at the airport and need to take out your laptop, book and valuables. This way, you can just throw it all in the tote bag et voilà, you’re handsfree again.

Last but definitely not least, DO have a great time! Enjoy the time off, use this time to unwind a bit from everyday life and recharge your batteries.