It has come to our attention that (adopt Billie Eilish voice) d'uh, people LIKE competitions. Some of you REALLY LIKE them.

While we want all of our readers to feel like winners all of the gosh darned time, it is a requirement that someone needs to miss out from time to time. In order to ensure that 'loser' is not your good self, please follow this short and sweet (we will admit, a little sour) guideline.

Please DO only enter if you intend on attending. Of course life is life and best laid plans can change BUT some folk have repeatedly entered draws only to state they cannot attend. Such people's names will be added to a growing list and the perpetrators forced to sit on our digital naughty step.

If, per the above, your circumstances do change last minute, please DO let us know, we can then redraw and pass on your ticket. If you simply do not show up, it can be seen as a 'fail' on our side and our promoting partners may not be so generous in the future.

DON'T only enter for the sake of it. Yes, we get it, it's sometimes fun to take part - and we can be exquisitely amusing at times. But please, if you HATE a certain genre of music or simply abhor films starring The Rock, consider not entering, so that others may have a chance.

Please DO like the page and post IF YOU WANT TO, we can't force the action. We only ask so that we continue to grow, not to steal your data and set up a shell-corp off the Cayman's in your name. Bigger presence means bigger presents!

Please DO spread the love and share the competition. It may not directly boost your chances of a WIN but it will ensure we have plenty more opportunities down the line.

DON'T use the comments for spamming. You will go to the bad place on our 'list'. See above.

DO try to respect the timelines set - we see so many people enter the draw AFTER the prize is given. It would be heartbreaking if we had a heart.

DO try to follow the game/quiz rules. They are simple for the most part. It is teeth-gnashingly annoying to draw a 'winner' and then find they've not completed certain criteria, like answering the question (it does happen). We are not making hoops from thin air through which we want you to jump, these are to weed out those who wanna say 'F U, I won't do what you tell me....but still gimme free stuff', come on, fair's fair.

Please AND this is a serious point DO NOT give any personal details such as bank accounts or other sensitive information across social network platforms. Even if they do appear to official and legitimate, we will only ask you for an email or postal address to send 'prizes' to, or even request that you pick them up from our offices in person.

Good luck and from the RTL Today team, THANK YOU FOR READING and BEING PART OF OUR AUDIENCE.