This one is, as the Americans say, a little "inside baseball." I think that's how you use that expression, anyhow!

At the time of writing, we have recently posted a job advert right here on our site - so I thought we'd give anyone who may wish to apply a little bit of additional insight into what we look for in applications.

This is pretty niche, I know, but a lot of the advice herein will be applicable no matter where you're applying.. so even if you don't want to work alongside yours truly, you may find something useful for your next job hunt!

DO make sure you read the job listing carefully. It may seem informal and loose, but it's been carefully thought through - so make sure you meet the requirements and the job sounds like something you'd enjoy!

DON'T send a generic cover letter. If there's nothing in there that tells us why you'd be a good fit for our team and the site.. well, then there's nothing for us to really go on.

DO make sure the cover letter is personal, and shows a bit of your personality! We are looking for people who can bring their own distinct "voice" to the site (where appropriate, of course), so give us a little taste of your most creative ridiculousness as well as covering the basics.

DON'T forget to proofread your CV, cover letter, and anything else you may send us. While we're all guilty of the odd typo (and heaven knows there have been a fair few on this site), the job you're applying for - whether as a translator or editor - involves a lot of writing. If your cover letter is packed with typos.. that doesn't bode well for the future.

DO include links to writing samples if you have them. We don't expect or ask for any journalistic experience and prioritise creativity, personality, motivation and dedication over formal qualifications - but if you have a few articles published somewhere, or a blog, podcast, or youtube channel... it sure doesn't hurt!

DON'T assume that you're not qualified just because you've not worked in the field before. Neither had I, yet here I am - bringing in those sweet, sweet clicks.

DO take a moment to look through our site before you write your application, and certainly before you come into the office if we call if you for an interview. It's always disappointing when candidates come in and seem to know little about our site. We're proud of it, and we look for people who show real interest.

DON'T be afraid to fire pitches at us straight away! If you've got ideas for articles, series, or anything else you'd like to bring to the site - outline them in your application. Even if you don't get the freelance job you applied for, we may ask you to write (make videos/podcast) for us! We absolutely love people who are creative and brimming with ideas, so if you can show off in that department... you're golden!

DO familiarise yourself with our style and tone before coming in for an interview or test shift. We pay a lot of attention to the style in which articles are written, and this varies across sections and series. It's really important that both editors, translators, and other freelance contributors are aware of and able to write in different styles.

DON'T hesitate to contact us (audience (at) rtltoday (dot) lu) if you have any questions prior to or after your application. While we get a LOT of e-mails, we always do our best to reply as soon as possible.

DO make sure that your application comes in on time - always check the deadline! We're not operating on a first-come first-serve basis, but submitting late is not ideal. That said, DON'T stress and submit a hastily written application just to be among the first to apply. We'll look at all of the applications, and treat them all equally.