Kid Colling, Luxembourg's dynamic alternative blues rock artist, is set to electrify the Rockhal on Friday night with the debut of his latest album in a concert that promises to blend soulful blues traditions with modern rock energy.

Luxembourg's alternative blues rock sensation, Kid Colling, is gearing up to launch his latest album, 'On the Wild Side', at Rockhal on Friday night. The event begins at 8pm, with the traditional blues quartet San Jose opening the show at 8.30pm.

Kid Colling, inspired by a recent mentorship in Louisiana — including a three-month stay in New Orleans — will take the stage at 9.30pm to unveil his new work.

Kid Colling Cartel – Cold Blooded

The album promises a unique blend of blues and alternative rock, drawing heavily on Kid Colling's experiences and influences from the heart of blues country. Fans can expect an evening filled with soulful tunes and raw energy as Kid Colling showcases his musical evolution.

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