Listeners of key French rap artists like IAM, Sam's or Youssoupha will be familiar with the Luxembourgish musician without even knowing it.

If you peruse the album covers released by rap artists such as IAM, Youssoupha, Sam's, or Dorian, you will inevitably come across the name of Eric Bintz, or his pseudonym Cehashi.

For the last two decades, the French-Luxembourgish musician and producer has collaborated with a number of big names in the genre which first captured his heart in adolescence. It all began with a bold initiative on Bintz's part.

"The first time, that first trip, we went to Paris with a cassette," Bintz remembers. "We met someone in charge of a label called Original Bombattak, in a clothes shop in Châtelet.  Because at the time, Châtelet-les Halles was the place to be."

Bintz's co-creations with his colleague appealed to the booming environment of the early 2000s. "There was no internet really. We took the train a lot. My first contact, the head of the Original Bombattak label, asked me to come to the studio one day. I was there the next day and ended up staying for two weeks!"

The "beatmaker", as is the saying in the world of rap, quickly became a privileged collaborator for French artists such as Akhenaton or Youssoupha.

"I'm used to spending time in the studio with artists," Bintz says. "This was the case with Youssoupha, for whom I produced two albums. These days I travel a little less, but I admit that I'm not a fan of moving. Now I'm lucky enough to be in a position to get artists to come to my studio!"

Bintz, who owns an impressive collection of vinyls, has enriched his musical knowledge over the years, enabled by his collaborations. He now feels comfortable presenting him

"In the early days, I sampled a lot of records from my collection, but I've stopped that now. It's not just a question of legalities. By studying the music that I love, I've ended up being capable of composing my own loops, to the point of moving away from strictly producing rap music, to tackling all kinds of music."

Bintz's confidence has been bolstered thanks to his work in producing music for cinema. The musician has now produced two film soundtracks, Baby (A)lone by Donato Rotunno in 2015 and Adolf El Assa's Sawha in 2019.