Up and coming Luxembourg based artist, Noah Pearce's new single "Ballet Dancer" is out now.

In an interview with Sam Steen on Today Radio, Pearce talks about his new EP, Domicile, and his new style.

Now that his voice has settled, Pearce is free to play with his style as much as he wants. "Ballet Dancer" reflects this change in pace for Pearce and is a much more dancey and bright than his previous music, despite the sad topic.

The song is about an ex and a doomed relationship, but Pearce finds it fits in perfectly with the rest of EP about his journey of self discovery and self love.

Noah also gives some insight into the cover art for his new single.

The photo features his grandmother lifted by her dance partner in a production of Romeo and Juliette. Noah and his team use a sample of the Waltz from the same production in the song. Upon learning he had been granted permission to use the sample, it felt as if everything had fallen into place.

Noah Pearce will be playing in the Fête de la Musique on June 16 at the Place D'Armes starting at 8pm.

Make sure to catch the whole conversation by clicking here to visit RTL Play, or you can listen via the player below.


Ballet Dancer