Music gave soul musician Durand Jones' life "purpose and fulfillment" after he discovered his school's band program as a pre-teen.

In this first part of a two-piece conversation, Stephen Lowe got to talk to talented Jones about the musician's troublesome childhood and how he's not always been a "natural performer".

He was a skinny, nerdy kid from Louisville, Kentucky, who was an outsider and depressed, struggling with suicidal thoughts.

It wasn't until he turned sixteen and began performing in his church's choir that he (and everybody else) realized his true talent as a vocalist.

To this day, he is is still very introverted at home, but the stage allows him to be more extroverted.

Jones is conflicted about the state of the music world. On one hand it is overwhelming as an artist, trying to stand out and compete for attention from audiences and critics. On the other, Jones knows more people than ever can appreciate and access soul-healing music, and also have new opportunities to make it.

Jones's new album Wait Til I get Over is available to stream now.

To hear more from Durand Jones, listen to the full interview on RTL Play or via the player below.

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