Luxembourg culture club De Gudde Wëllen will host two big outdoor events this June.

Nicole from De Gudde Wëllen was a guest on the Sam Steen show on Today Radio to talk about the club's upcoming summer events.

She put the spotlight on two big events that the club is hosting, the Fête de la musique on 16 June and the National Day celebrations on 22 June.

Talking Music

These won't be happening at the bar itself but will be down in the Grund at place Auguste Engel, across the bridge from the St. Esprit escalator near the car park.

On 16 June the culture club is bringing you an open air line-up from 5pm until 1am with free entrance for all. The gig will be both opened and closed by DJ Fonclair.

Performers include Belgian artist Leaa, David Numwami whose music Nicole describes as "cosy but dancey at the same time", Ladaniva and Jackie Moontan.

On 22 June, also spanning from around 5pm to 1am, their outdoor stage will host a slew of great performances to celebrate the national holiday.

First up will be the Belgian act Gros Coeur followed by the Luxembourgish band No Metal in this Battle. Baby Berserk from the Netherlands will follow, bringing a "very eccentric" and interactive live DJ performance. Closing the night out will be Tukan and DJ Magma Boyz.


© De Gudde Wëllen

Nicole hinted we should stay tuned for more surprises that could be happening on the very popular de Gudde Weather terrace over the summer.