Sun Smash Palace is an indie rock band that was formed in Luxembourg, and call themselves "Luxembourg's only Indie Surf band".

Two of the band's members, Eric and Raoul, were guests on The Lunchbox with Stephen ‘Steps’ Lowe from Today Radio.

The band has its origins in South Korea, where Eric first started making music and writing lyrics. But its current line-up came to be in Luxembourg.

Raoul was born and raised in Luxembourg and as of last summer, he is the latest addition to the band.

“We are a great example actually for what you might call a European band, because we all come from different places”, he commented.

Their bassist and their drummer are originally from Italy, their lead guitarist is a french cross border worker and Eric, who is the founder of the band, is originally from Germany but he has lived all over Europe and the world.

They released their latest EP “An Answer to a Question That I Didn’t Even Know I Had” in May 2022, and they describe it as music that is perfect for a day at the beach. The band members are hopeful to record new music and some video clips on their upcoming vacation together in Malta.

If you want to hear Raoul’s take on what the big advantage of Luxembourg is and to get a sneak peak of two of their tracks listen to the full interview on RTL Play or via the player below.

The Lunchbox - Sun Smash Palace

You can catch the band performing live at the "fête de la musique" in Dudelange on 17 June and at Rocas Café on 22 June. You can also keep up to date with them by following their Instagram account.