Heather Woods Broderick, an American musician, composer and touring member of Danish rock band Efterklang, appeared on Today Radio to discuss her artistic process.

In April 2023 Heather released her fourth album Labyrinth and it’s her most personal album yet.

In her two part interview with Stephen ‘Steps’ Lowe from Today Radio she talks about the creation process behind that latest LP, how much she's evolved as a person since her debut album and her feelings on the current state of the music industry.

Before the pandemic Heather was a real up and coming artist but unfortunately as a lot the music industry slowed down, so too did most of the press coverage around her. But that hasn’t stopped her from creating a record that dives deeper into her imagination and her personality. She describes it as: “a view into my little rabbit hole and then blooming out the other side of that through my imagination.”

And she’s been really happy with the reception the album had, regardless of whether it got mainstream press coverage: “I feel like more people are listening to this record, and less press, which in a way is kinda cool.”

In part one of the interview she delved deep into the creation process of her album, describing what it was like making music when the world around her was spiralling out of control. She also shared how she wishes that "getting a review from Pitchfork" wasn't the most important thing in the music industry.

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In part two she dives into her music creation process in general, revealing how, unlike most artists, she writes music and lyrics simultaneously as she believes they go hand in hand.

But she also reflects on how much she’s changed as a person since she wrote her debut album. The more music she put out the more comfortable she felt putting her own vocals forward in the mix. “I feel like that’s a completely different version of myself now”

The Lunchbox: Heather Woods Broderick interview part 2